MLS overview


Justin Pirigyi, Staff Writer

The MLS playoffs have been very interesting. The remaining teams in the playoffs are the Seattle Sounders vs. the Colorado Rapids and the Montreal Impact vs. Toronto F.C. This matchup is very interesting because there will be the first Canadian MLS team in the championship game. The Colorado Rapids upset the L.A. Galaxy in a penalty shootout. Thanks to Tim Howard, the Colorado Rapids goalkeeper, he saved the final penalty to put the Rapids into the semi-finals of the MLS cup. There have been a decent amount of upsets in these playoffs. Just recently, number 2 New York Red Bulls lost on aggregate to number 5 ranked Montreal Impact. Another upset occurred when the Sounders beat the highest ranked team in the MLS, FC Dallas in the quarterfinals. The Seattle Sounders have had an interesting season including their coach getting fired mid-season and the fact the Sounders were in second to last place in the first half of the season. But, the Sounders pulled it back and had the best record in the MLS after the All-Star break, and now the Sounders are in the Semi-Finals and have a pretty good chance to win the MLS cup. This is a very exciting time for soccer in the USA because soccer has really blown up in the past couple of years which is very good for soccer fans around the USA and Canada.