Women’s lacrosse


Jacob Kaplan, Editor-In-Chief

I feel like some sports get a bad reputation. These sports are well known, although not many people actually participate. But what many people don’t realize is how hard they can be to play. Girl’s Lacrosse is a perfect example. I used to not understand why so little people played it, or what the deal with it was. Having gone to a few games, however, I have begun to understand what makes this sport special. But first I will introduce the team.

The team is coached by Rey Brito and Meagan Cruse, who lead the team with strategies and train the team every day. The team is also lead by senior captains Milla Stern and Nicole Koman, and Junior co-captains Natalie Boyer and Leila Bagheri are their seconds in command. The rest of the team goes as follows: Senior Gabi Smotrich, Sophomores Alex Bleakley, Kendall Platt, Sarah Suttner, Brynn Shaffer, Natalie Taylor, and Carla Chavarria, and Freshmen  Amanda Nance, Ellie Daugherty, Sophie Scandurro, Brianna Burg, Nina Khosla, Kennah Davis, and Marin Grillo. The managers of the team are Melina Grossman and Sarah Field.     

I’ll begin with the running. Being perfectly honest, I don’t like running and watching this team of women running back and forth over and over again made me feel queasy from the sideline. The endurance required to run relentlessly across the field to get the ball, shoot and then run back is insane. They train so much that it could put some football players to shame.  They get to the field two hours before the actual games starts!  Also, the rules of Women’s Lacrosse do not allow for legal body checking.  This means that in order to stop a player,t they have to follow them and check the ball out of their stick and take it.  This makes for even more running than in Men’s Lacrosse, where certain body checking is allowed to slow people down. This does not happen in Women’s Lacrosse, making them run and play harder to score goals and to win games.

Women’s Lacrosse is a sport that I have so much respect for now; the amount of work and dedication that the team puts into their season is unreal. They are an incredible group of athletes and watching them play really shows you how much effort it takes to participate in such a difficult sport. I can say with complete confidence that Women’s Lacrosse is one of the most difficult sports to play. These  women don’t just play it, they excel at it.