Movies in a post-COVID era


Naomi Panganiban, Staff Writer

After a challenging year for the cinema business in 2021, audiences are slowly making their way back to movie theaters. Box offices were expected to skyrocket in 2022 and The Batman helped to affirm this prediction. The film industry claims that The Batman, starring Robert Patterson and Zoë Kravitz marks the start of post-Covid cinema. According to Forbes’ recent article, The Batman’s global gross profit is reaching a whopping $800 million. This amount is becoming comparable with that of Batman v Superman which came out in 2016. 

Uncharted starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg found success in theaters during this post-Covid era. Despite the criticism and negative reviews on the movie, Uncharted still saw growth in the box office, accumulating $143 million dollars. 

“Look, Tom Holland is cool and all but I gave Uncharted a shot purely out of curiosity, and I surprisingly liked it. For someone who’s never really liked a video game-based movie before … Maybe this is the kind of movie people needed as we try to leave the Covid-infested years behind,” says movie critic Zarmena from Metacritic.

The idea of movies releasing on streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney +, and HBO aren’t  unusual after the recent debut of Turning Red, . This groundbreaking movie is about a young, Asian-American girl that faces cultural expectations and the chaos of adolescence has found recent success on DIsney +. Described as “a humorous coming of age” and “masterpiece” movie, Turning Red has paved the way for more movies being released on streaming platforms. 

The Adam Project with Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell features time-traveling and an interesting take on millenials. The sci-fi movie debuted on Netflix then later released in theaters. Despite its release on Netflix the movie made $116 million dollars in the box office and has been named as one of Netflix’s biggest hits yet. 

Will we be seeing more movies released on platforms like Netflix and Disney + in the future or will movies be returning back to their roots in movie theaters?

Cover photo credit: James Croot/Stuff.Co