The production, Chicago, at LJCDS


AnaBelle Harris, Staff Writer

As A Midsummer Night’s Dream leaves the amphitheater stage, the theater department at LJCDS will now feature Chicago

Chicago, set in 1920s Chicago, Illinois, is a musical about a few women who killed their husbands and now seek to gain popularity. As Mr. Robert Wagner, one of the directors of Chicago, says the musical describes “the lengths people will go to to become famous”. Ms. Caroline Becker and Mr. Robert Wagner are co-directing the musical. The main characters are Velma Kelly and Roxy Hart, respectively played by seniors Emma Ragen and Kate Alberga. Similar to the play, the musical will be performed in the amphitheater. Those interested watching can attend performances on March 2nd, 4th, and 5th, all at 6:30 p.m. The show is estimated to run for an hour and 30 minutes including intermission.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Chicago are obviously two very different pieces of art, one being written by Shakespeare and the other being a more modern musical. Since they already have this major difference, I was curious to see in what other ways they would differ. When I spoke with Mr. Wagner, he said that other differences include more cast members; A Midsummer Night’s Dream had 30 while Chicago had around 50, and there will be a live band performing the music. Another major difference is the humor. Chicago’s humor is going to be very dark comedy, including  jokes about murder and mayhem. 

Mr. Wagner said he was most excited to begin working on Chicago because of all the dancing, as this musical places a larger emphasis on dancing  than recent shows performed at LJCDS. The musical is originally choreographed by Bob Fosse, and Mr. Wagner described it as having a “jazzy style”. 

Cover photo credit: LJCDS (artwork by Emma Kaiser ’25)