Why Bridgerton is the best new Netflix release

Why Bridgerton is the best new Netflix release

Kathleen McElroy, Content Editor

Bridgerton, set in London during the Regency Era, is a television series that follows the Bridgerton family and their copious secrets. The Bridgerton family is part of the richest society in London, often hosting events and meals with the Queen of England. The show begins with Daphne Bridgerton, the oldest Bridgerton daughter, beginning to find a husband. She and other young ladies make their debut into society, hoping to find a husband soon so they don’t have to wait until next year to get married. During this process, an anonymous gossiper writes her first article, critiquing and judging everyone’s debut. However, she praises Daphne and with her praise, Daphne soon becomes the most desirable girl in town. Unlike the other ladies who want to marry for wealth, Daphne’s family is already very well-off, so she would rather find someone she truly enjoys spending time with. She soon meets the Duke of Hastings, and their relationship leads to a series of unfortunate events, heartbreaks, and betrayals.With this background in mind, here are three reasons why Bridgerton is the best new Netflix release, in my opinion. 

1. Similar to Gossip Girl, the overall best show that used to be on Netflix

Similar to how the show Gossip Girl had an anonymous gossiper, there is a woman in town named Lady Whistledown who publishes everyone’s secrets in Bridgerton. The two shows both depict families from similar economic and social crowds. However, Bridgerton focuses mainly on the Bridgerton family. In both Gossip Girl and Bridgerton, the romantic relationships between the main characters start off as schemes. In Gossip Girl, the main characters Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass scheme together to get revenge on Blair’s best friend, Serena van der Woodsen. While both Blair and Chuck are known for being individually manipulative, their powers blossom when they join forces to get vengeance. Soon enough, they both catch feelings for each other after spending so much time together plotting to destroy Serena’s life. In Bridgerton, the main characters also scheme, however it is much less wicked. Even with the attention Lady Whistledown gives her, Daphne has few men showing interest towards her. While Daphne is struggling to find a husband, the Duke of Hastings comes back into town, and every mother wants their daughter to marry him. Daphne and the Duke then devise a plan to fake a relationship: Daphne can use the Duke to make other men jealous and the Duke can use Daphne to prevent other ladies from approaching him. Their make-believe relationship ended up working, in fact, working too well, and Daphne and the Duke soon fell in love. 

2. Likeable characters

Everyone in the show is genuinely likeable, they all have big personalities and even bigger hearts. Daphne is portrayed like a real-life Disney princess. She is kind to anyone and everyone, even the looked-down upon common villagers. Daphne’s three older brothers are portrayed as strong, brave, and caring. They took control over the family after their father died, and they act as both an older sibling and a parent to Daphne and her younger siblings. Eloise, the second oldest daughter, is a modern woman trapped in a time period where women are thought of as less-than in society. In the 1800’s, men were the “leaders” and provided for the family, while women took care of the house and children. While Daphne longs to be a wife and mother, Eloise longs for higher education and a career. Next in the family are the youngest twins. Although they don’t talk much and aren’t huge characters, they are adorable and play a role in Daphne’s relationship with the Duke. Last in the family is the children’s mother, the heart-broken, supportive, and loving woman who looks after her many kids. The other characters on the show don’t have as big of roles, but eventually they are still equally important. The Duke of Hastings is a charming man who seems secretive at first, but eventually  opens up and reveals his painful childhood. Finally, the Queen is the powerful ruler of their society, and although she seems perfect, deals with the pain of losing her husband to multiple mental illnesses. 

3. Last but not least, the fashion

The ripped jeans and graphic tees we consider  “fashion” now is nothing compared to the clothing in Bridgerton. No character wears a bad outfit, and all of them sport multiple jaw-dropping pieces. For day-to-day occasions, the Bridgerton girls wear calm blue and green tones, while opting for statement colors on special occasions. The Duke of Hastings likes to wear colors symbolizing his royalty and background: reds, golds, purples, blacks, and blues. From the ruffled sleeves to the diamond-embroidered gowns, everything in the show seemed to be straight from a fashion show runway.    

Cover photo credit: Netflix