TikTok: The new platform for Gen-Z to spread awareness


Kathleen McElroy, Content Editor

TikTok, the new name for the video app Music.ly, has significantly changed the way Gen-Z is able to spread news about local and global events. TikTok, an app where people can create 15 seconds-60 second videos, surrounds the idea that content creators can share whatever they want. Dances are the most popular genre, and there are groups of famous teenage dancers, the majority living in LA, that make thousands of dollars per TikTok video. There are singing and acting videos, but there are also informative and educational videos. A genre that has been expanding on TikTok is videos spreading awareness, and famous content creators have been using their platforms as a way to spread global news. 

Amelie Zilber is an 18 year old famous for her lifestyle and fashion videos. With 4.4 million followers, she is one of the top TikTokers. Although some of her friends might be more famous, Amelie has done the best with spreading awareness. She is very active in the BLM protests, spreading awareness with videos and informational links. Some of her most recent videos include Muslims in concentration camps in China, women in South Africa, and how fires in Argentina have impacted their landscape. She provides links to donate to these issues and more information if anyone is still curious. 

Less famous creators have also successfully spread awareness. There are lots of smaller creators spreading awareness about politics, specifically since there is an election coming up soon. There are some more aggressive creators when it comes to people having different political views; however, the majority will explain their views and then listen to the other person’s beliefs. 

Since TikTok is a free and easy-to-use app, it has made spreading awareness easier than ever before. It’s easy to just film a video on your phone, or with more professional equipment. However, better equipment is not a necessity. You can show your face while you are talking or use a black screen and just add text. This makes it easy, convenient, and safe if you have something very personal to share. By creating a safe environment for people to share their knowledge, TikTok is quickly becoming the top-app for people of all ages.

Photo credit: @ameliezilber on TikTok