Quarantine Netflix movie recommendations


Lydia Zhou, Staff Writer

Seeing as we are all stuck at home with nothing to do, we have more free time than we could have ever imagined. In light of that, here are some movie recommendations of all genres, that are all accessible through the widely popular platform, Netflix, which will hopefully keep you entertained and help you pass the time.



The Perks of Being a Wallflower

This movie is one of my favorite coming of age films of all time. If you are a book fan, you have probably heard of the book under the same title. Written by Stephen Chbosky, it was widely popular before its film adaptation in 2012. Charlie is an introverted wallflower who finally meets real friends who take him under their wings. This movie is such a hidden gem, with relatable and sincere characters that defy all cliché teenage high school films. Charlie has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the movie does a realistic job of portraying mental illness. There are many iconic moments that people still reference now, which represent adolescents’ fear of missing out on living their best lives. Overall, if you are looking for incredibly moving friendships, love, and the battles of the awful teenage years, you should definitely to watch how this beautiful story gets told. 


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

This movie is a classic film that pays homage to John Hughes, director of other films like Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles, and the 80’s era. The title speaks for itself: Ferris Bueller is a rebellious teen who has a charismatic way of getting out of trouble. The day before graduation, he decides to go all out and call in sick for his “day off.” He and his friends go on an adventure in Chicago while his school’s principal tries to catch him. If you’re looking for a laid-back film that’s witty, fun, and relaxing Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a must. 


Love, Rosie

Another romantic comedy, but this one is just on another level. This film dabbles with the idea of the wrong place at the wrong time. Rosie and Alex have been the inseparable best friends since birth but always wanted more. They go through many tough obstacles where they are separated and then reunited over and over again where you start to question: are they even meant to be? Love, Rosie is one of those films where I was punching at the TV screen because the storyline keeps leading you through loops, and it can be very frustrating at times. Nonetheless, the plot is very engaging, and you get invested in Rosie and Alex’s love story. This movie opened up my eyes to the less perfect side of romantic relationships while still balancing bits of comedy and drama. It has you laughing until you can’t breathe one moment, then balling your eyes out the next. If you’re looking to take your emotions through a rollercoaster, try this one out; you won’t regret it. 


Always be My Maybe

This film has the best blend of romance, sarcasm, and drama I have seen in a while. Also, it has such a strong Asian cast, with famous stars like comedian Ali Wong and Randall Park from Fresh off the Boat as well as Keanu Reeves. Sasha is a celebrity chef who is on top of the world, but then she suddenly goes back to her old town and starts up a romance with her childhood best friend, aka soulmate, Marcus. They slowly fall back in love with each other. It sounds cheesy, but each character is lovable and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If you’re looking for an adorable romantic comedy about the trials and tribulations of rekindling relationships, this film hits the spot. 



The Florida Project

This movie is one of the most visually pleasing, cinematic masterpieces I’ve ever seen. Taking place in the off-highway motel next to Disney World Florida, six-year-old Moonee and her best friends play and live their life. That’s what they call home. As little kids, they don’t quite notice the harsh realities going on around them. Meanwhile, Moonee’s mom struggles to take care of her daughter and afford to pay rent, resorting to illegal methods. This film portrays poverty in such a raw way, and it opened up my eyes. The director, Sean Baker, captures the viewer’s eyes by using bright and beautiful colors. But, underneath the surface, it isn’t as happy as it looks. What hit me is that people have always known Disney World as such a luxurious experience, but you find out that only miles away are people living in such poor conditions. If you’re looking for a film that feels genuine through the lens of someone you’ve never quite thought of before, this is the one to watch. 


The Theory of Everything

If you are into biopics, you’ll love this one. Based on the true story of physicist legend, Stephen Hawking, this film follows his heartbreaking battle of ALS, a disease that paralyzes your entire body, his marriage to his wife and outcome of one of the most groundbreaking scientific theories of all time, the History of Time. Before watching this film, I didn’t know Hawking’s background or why he was famous. After watching his life unfold before my eyes, I had gained so much respect and love for him. There is an element that draws me into actual story movies because it makes me realize the impact and message so much more. Since Hawking was such an incredible and intelligent person in real life, he always saw the positive in every situation. There is a side storyline about his wife, who stuck by his side, that makes your heart feel whole again. I know quarantine has made us feel unproductive and unmotivated, but I promise you this movie will teach you about perseverance and inspire you to accomplish your goals. 


The Shawshank Redemption

This prison drama follows Andy Dufresne, who gets sentenced to jail for two consecutive life terms for a crime he didn’t commit. He develops a friendship with Red, played by Morgan Freeman who helps him manage the brutality of prison life. This movie’s plot line is complex and bitter, but it almost doesn’t feel that way with the amount of compassion and empathy that each character has. It is a simple concept, yet so entertaining. The way this movie establishes each character’s fears and how that comes in play when they form relationships is fascinating. You will cry in this one, and it will make you want to hug your friends very tightly. Maybe not under these conditions, but after this is all over. 



The Platform

Here’s a little warning: this film is quite graphic, and if you are not a fan of blood or gore, this might not be the best film to watch. Otherwise, I think it is the most creative concept I have ever watched come alive on screen. The whole cast and production team is from Spain, which emphasizes just how well foreign films are doing. It takes place in a futuristic universe, where prisoners are housed on vertical cells. The daily meals are served from down to up, in which we see the upper cells starve and lower cells feast. When I say this movie is haunting and unnerving, I mean it. Director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia was trying to depict the result of abusing social classes. If people just took what they needed, there would be enough for everyone. Seeing this play out through such violence made me sit in my bed after and think about the psychology of our human existence. Why do we act so selfishly? Is any selfless good deed genuinely selfless? What will humanity be like in the future? If you’re looking to open your mind to an endless hole of questions, this film will enlighten you. 


Train to Busan

This movie is another foreign film, specifically Korean. Recently, I became such a big fan of Korean cinema, especially horror, after watching Parasite. This horror/thriller movie is the most flawless zombie movie of all time. I’ve watched most zombie movies, but they’ve never really been scary enough. I feel like they’re all fake. But Train to Busan changed my mind. The story centers around a certain group of people who get stuck on a speeding train during a zombie outbreak in South Korea. We mainly see the perspectives of a father and daughter, a pregnant wife and her husband, and a group of teenage baseball players. I think the setting, the train, is so incredibly effective and almost realistic in a way where I felt like I was there. The suspense was stomach-turning, and the scares were horrifying. This film is essential for any horror fan or anyone who wants to get into horror movies. 




The last recommendation is another psychological, crazy film. Ever heard people talking about robots taking over humankind? Caleb is a computer programmer who gets the opportunity to spend a week at Nathan Bateman’s private estate. Bateman is the builder of a human-like robot, named Ava. Caleb discovers that Ava is much more intelligent and dangerous than he could have ever imagined. I am not the biggest fan of science fiction movies, but this one had me on the edge of my seat. There is also an unexpected plot twist in the middle of the film that made my jaw drop. If you’re a fan of Black Mirror, you will love this. 


Happy Binging!