What is HuaWei?


Brian Wu, Staff Writer

HuaWei, the China-based tech giant, has recently had a tariff placed upon it. Donald Trump severely limited the company’s U.S. influence by stopping all American businesses from dealing with what he calls “foreign adversaries,” as HuaWei has recently been classified.. 

HuaWei is a global tech company that was founded in China in 1987. They own 14.6% of the smartphone market. Though the image exists that HuaWei is a China exclusive company, it is actually one of the largest international companies in the world. It employs over 180,000 employees internationally and provides a variety of products from smartphones to internet hardware. 

One of the main selling points for purchasing a HuaWei product is the recent worldwide addition of 5G to various companies. However, due to its size and influence, HuaWei is in a unique position to reap the benefits of such technology. It also receives funds from the Chinese state bank (which means that the Bank of China offered to fund many of HuaWei’s operations), which allows HuaWei to offer their products at lower prices. It therefore becomes a more attractive product for consumers. 

However, HuaWei has been barred from exporting their products to the United States. Upon discovering that HuaWei technology being used for espionage, the United States government has stopped all incoming HuaWei products from entering the country. HuaWei has since gone to court in the Texas Federal Court claiming the unconstitutionalism that banning a company without a fair trial entails. The trial is still underway. But HuaWei are far from moral angels either, as they have been guilty many times for stealing the technology of other companies. 

HuaWei provides many services and products to millions of people around the world, connecting them with others from across the globe. Though they have been limited in their influence in the U.S., it has to be pondered whether their presence would have benefits on our daily life.