A Thorough Look at College


Sara Forsey, Staff Writer

The below aspects do not concern everyone, as everyone’s experience in college is different and interesting. There are many students who are in 12th grade and are going towards the second step of schooling, but before these students go to higher education, they should consider the advantages and disadvantages of the college system:


Higher Education:

Students are taught from a young age that school is an important gateway to achieve your dream career and be able to support yourself and family. That being said, education can also help you have smarter conversations with other intellectuals. It can influence you in everyday life, such as voting and making sure you don’t get swindled.  


There is a wide variety of jobs ranging from a cashier to a doctor. So why is it important to go to college to get the job you want? Most people blindly take it as a fact that it is better to finish through undergraduate school because having a degree is often better than not having one in terms of most job-seeking practices and qualifications. Because of numerous opportunities in the United States, many people are coming for education.

Wider world view:

In college, you will have many more experiences than in the bubble you were living in before. Whether you are going to a small or big campus you still get the opportunity to be around a more diverse group of people. There are various opportunities to meet new people and have great experiences you could only have at college. It is also a good way to learn what you want to do, the politics you agree with, and the things you want to achieve.  


Independence is an important part of growing up. Students will have to leave their parents behind and try to forge a life for themselves. Whether that includes getting a part-time job to support yourself, or making your own decisions in school. Many students point to this as an advantage, as they can be independent of their parents, but there are also people that see this as a disadvantage, as it will struggle to support oneself for the first time.




Students today have a lot of debt because of the amount students have to pay for their college tuition. College tuition becomes cheaper if the student goes to an in-state college rather than an outside one. This shouldn’t deter students though, as there are many college loans and scholarships a person can get to help them afford the school of their choice. But due to student loans being available to students, it has caused many people to be in debt 20 years after they have graduated from college.

Time and Stress:

Even though college is a great experience for people to enjoy, it does take up a lot of time in the scheme of a person’s daily life. Because students will have to take care of themselves when in college, it will be necessary to get a part-time job to pay for room and board, such as food. Classes can also detract from time to do personal activities. Because students have less time do things, students will eventually become stressed with trying to find a job and having their school life and daily life in balance.


Life is always filled with disappointment; college is no exception. Because college is a more diverse community with a lot more people, there are bound to be slaps of reality for many students. Rejection is a hard thing to swallow, as many high school seniors have probably experienced with college rejection letters. But unfortunately, rejection and reality come in many forms in college. People will be let down from jobs they had wanted, internships, friend groups, clubs, grades, classes, houses, and so forth. If a person is used to being selected, they will most likely have a hard time with certain rejections. That all being said, you must face life with courage and not fear rejection.


Whether a person is close to their family or not, the family has been a staple for many people. Missing your house, your family, and your friends will take a toll on one’s mental health. Even though you are able to meet many new friends in college, a person will still miss their home. This could cause struggles with assimilation into the college system.