Esports in College


Ellen Heitmann , Staff Writer

Is E-sports a Good Idea?

There are many pros and cons of competing in e-sports during college. Starting with the cons, e-sports is a major time commitment. If you want to compete you will need to practice routinely, which leaves less time for studying and work. Video games can become addictive easily and end up taking up a large amount of your time, which can sometimes have negative effects on your grades if not well-managed. Competing in e-sports can also lead people to spend much less time with their friends. However, there are many good things to come out of playing them as well. From improving your focus to allowing you to meet an entirely new community of people and good friends who play the same games as you to making tons of money off them if you get really good and win tournaments, video games overall teach you a plethora of new concepts and skills including patience, understanding what your opponent is thinking, and making strategic decisions. Overall, video games can be very beneficial, but it is up to you to decide whether or not it is worth it to actually put in the time.


Getting Involved:

Many colleges throughout the country host tournaments, or even have varsity e-sports teams. For example, University of California San Diego hosts tournaments for various games and even has a ranking system for its best players, and the University of California Irvine has a varsity e-sports team. UCSD also has some student-exclusive tournaments for video games along with public ones. The best ways to find tournaments near you are on and Facebook. has an option to search for upcoming tournaments within your area while Facebook has communities with all the details about the tournaments in your region for each day of the week. Some nearby tournaments in San Diego include Triton Smash Sundays, Sync or Swim, and Launchpad which are all weekly or recurring. They are all great events to attend if you are interested in getting involved.