Chalking up a W against Francis Parker

Chalking up a W against Francis Parker

Bobi Mack and Ryan Langborg , Guest Writers

Bobi Mack:

Game days for the Women’s Varsity basketball team are always huge. No matter if we’re playing the top team in the state or the lowest-ranked team in the nation, no game is taken for granted. With all of the hours we put in, people might think it becomes a chore. But really, it is the opposite. It is what we look forward to every single day, and we love being part of the LJCDS Women’s basketball legacy with past players like Candice Wiggins, Latoya Cunningham, Janae Fulcher, and Kelsey Plum. The type of work we put into gym workouts determines the outcome of the games we play. Game day against the Francis Parker Lancers was no different.

We face a very competitive schedule this season, and the Friday night game against Francis Parker was one of the few games where we expected to take home a W. The energy of the gym came from the crowd, the barbecue, and the energy of the team on the court. It was fun to play without having to follow any type of scouting report. The crowd could really see our chemistry:  no-look passes in transition and the train of steals from our press. It was so much fun that everyone had a chance to play and to score. By the end of the game, our lone senior, Marisa Sedlund, had a light 30-piece and the Torreys killed Francis Parker 87-26, keeping them from scoring any points in both the second and fourth quarters.

Ryan Langborg:

As members of the Varsity Men’s Basketball team, we had a different experience on Friday night than our fans did. Playing against the Francis Parker Lancers is the type of game that gives us butterflies every time we think about it. From the moment we entered the gym on Friday night, we began to prepare ourselves for the atmosphere that would unfold in the next hour. And when we stepped into the team room, the lights went off, and the party began. Our whole team began to jump around to get hyped for the game, building the energy that would help us to gain the competitive edge on Francis Parker. Blue lights continuously flashed to the beat of the music, and our coaches joined the fun. Moments later, we turn that energy into focus as we complete the last run down on personnel.

Execution of plays was essential. We didn’t play to the best of our ability throughout the first half, but we had confidence to turn the tide in the second half. During halftime, Coach Meier gave us a speech about how to improve to win this game. Our rivalry against Francis Parker is unmatched, especially with former teammates playing on the other team. The third quarter was back and forth, and we quickly dropped eight points in the fourth. I was getting nervous because this was the most important game of the year for me. When Coach Meier called a timeout, we came together and said that we are not losing this game, that we do not lose at home. It was at this point that we knew this was our game. We forced their best player to foul out, and made all of our free throws to close out the game. John Hapgood made a clutch layup at the buzzer, and I lost my mind! We ran into the locker room and went crazy! We couldn’t stop smiling. We won, and at that moment, nothing else mattered.