Trip to Idyllwild


Jacob Walter, Staff Writer

Recently, we, the freshmen, went on the Experiential Education trip to Idyllwild. Overall, it was really fun. We rode buses to get there. While many people brought phones to entertain themselves on the ride, I just drew in my sketchbook. When we got there, many phones were confiscated until the end of the trip. However, I didn’t bring mine, so this didn’t really affect me.

We then met with our homerooms and naturalists to find out who would be leading our activities for the entire trip. After that, we went into our cabins, unpacked, and met our cabin mates. For the rest of that first day, we played games, ate dinner, went on a nighttime walk, and went to sleep. The quality of the food on this trip wasn’t exactly the best. I also had a rough time sleeping.

The next morning, we woke up, got ready for the day, and had breakfast. After that, my group went on a hike. We were shown some relatively interesting things, such as huge pinecones and how to revive moss with water. Afterward, we had lunch. The next activities we did were low ropes courses. They were all challenging, and pretty fun. In one activity, we had to get everyone through a net-like system of ropes. I was almost lifted over it. Then we had dinner, played nighttime games, and went to sleep.

This next morning was the second-to-last day of our trip. We, of course, had breakfast to start our day. Then, we did high ropes courses, which were high off the ground. To be honest, this kind of scared me. My favorite of the three high ropes course activities was definitely the “Giant Swing”. Basically, you get strapped up into ropes, pulled up to a tree, and once you pull the string on your strap, you start swinging around like crazy. It made me feel like I was flying. When we were finished with that, we had lunch.

The next thing we did wasn’t quite as fun; we went to the town and had a scavenger hunt. My team did pretty well, but I’m not sure if we won or not. After that, we had the freedom to go to the stores and buy food. I got sour skittles, graham crackers, a bottle of Sprite, Sour Patch candy, and Cheetos. Some people got away with buying things other than food. Later, we had dinner, but I didn’t eat very much because I had stuffed myself with snacks. When we finished, we had a talent show. I decided to show my cartooning skills by taking drawing requests in the talent show. When the talent show was over, we went to sleep.

On the final day, we had breakfast but didn’t do much other than that because we were leaving that day. We packed our bags, and we got on the buses later. On the ride back to San Diego, I spent a lot of time drawing and eating my Sour Patch. When we got back home, I waited for a little while for my dad to show up. When he did, he drove me back home. This trip was a very good experience for me. I hope that the next students feel the same.