Monthly Horoscopes

Anna Shaul, Staff Writer

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Monthly Horoscopes:

Aries, you may have been too self-protective in these past weeks, but if you listen more than you speak and give more than you get, you will be rewarded. If you drop your guard and experience life as it is rather than trying to control what lies ahead of you all will fall into place. Relax! You have a strong work ethic – you will get the job done. Allow yourself to be hopeful, even if your certainty feels shaken. You might need to put in a little extra work right now to achieve your goals, but have faith in the universe- you can handle whatever comes your way.

You may be getting frustrated with the lack of progress you’re making on your current project, Taurus. However, whatever you are focusing on right now will be rewarded in the long term. Remain patient, for pushing too hard or too fast may upset the development. Your ambitious personality can help you get the job done quickly, so trust that the outcome will be rewarding. Don’t be afraid of time well spent.

Do not settle for second best, Gemini! You deserve your first choice, even if it means being patient for a little longer. Your expectations will be increased, so take this self-confidence and revel in it. You can handle difficult people from your past and will find you can adjust and deal with the problematic scenarios better than ever. You are responsible for your own power: use it well!

Cancer, the melancholy feeling that has washed over you lately is tough, and your recently disappointed expectations are not helping that feeling go away. Don’t give up hope though, for the feeling will soon evolve into more positive ones in the near future. All the bad feelings and doubts will be swept away by the new and exciting changes coming into your life soon. As happy as you will soon feel, don’t forget the sadness from earlier: be grateful for the ups and downs of life and use that to find empathy for others.

Hey Leo, you may be counting on someone to come through for a favor–a favor that means a lot to you– but have doubts whether they will deliver. You may feel as though you are surrounded by people who don’t share your focused work ethic. Worry not, however, because this time could be a critical turning point for you. Put your life into perspective: these hardships are just bumps in the road to a never-ending highway. Always have a backup plan when things don’t go your way because, Leo, you are always on the track for success.

Cheer up, Virgo! You may have been feeling a little lackluster recently, with irksome obligations and nagging deadlines. You may need to dig in deep and work through it to get to a happier, more carefree time.  But you are capable! Remember to surround yourself with people who will bring you up and always welcome positivity into your life. It will help you stay the motivated, intelligent, and attentive person you are.

Let your inner weirdness shine! You are a gentle soul, Libra, but don’t let your peacefully- inclined personality keep you too docile to share who you really are and what you are feeling. You may soon meet just the person to help you display your eccentric side, letting others see your innermost personality quirks. It is possible that by sharing more of yourself, you may learn a great deal about you!   Allow this new information to be the key to spending more time focusing on your own needs, loving and appreciating who you are.

Your unwavering determination is both your biggest strength and most profound weakness. Your strong-willed side lets you set goals and deadlines which you meet with gusto. But don’t ignore the world around you, Scorpio. Your secretive side prevents you from connecting with those close to you right now. Keep in mind that your determination does not have to only be used at work. Spend those efforts on something fun, something you have been wanted to experience for a long time. It may be the most important thing for you to do right now.

People appreciate and expect your hardcore honesty, Sag, but sometimes your bluntness can leave peoples stunned. The truth is always the answer, just try softening the blow so your advice is taken in the manner it was intended. You may be dealing with someone whose feelings are more sensitive than your own, so keep that in mind when sharing the honest truth. Your generous and compassionate side means people want your advice, and they should take, but make sure to cater to your audience.

Your ambitious nature and thirst for success will keep you going through all of your hard work. However, don’t let your focus on success cloud the time spent on yourself. Remember to pay attention to your own needs, your social life, and those around you who are not tied into your work life. Whatever you want is possible, Cap, for your practical yet careful intuition makes sure of that. Anything you need will happen for you if you manifest that idea into reality.

Your drive to be independent does not mean you have cut yourself off from an engaging conversation, Aquarius. Your laid back aura may sometimes be mistaken as indifference however, you are reliable and loving in reality. This month, you may want to grow closer to someone you don’t know as well. Let yourself. You have the skills and persistence to make good relationships that last in any situation.

Your sensitivity and intuition make you easy to get along with, and you draw different types of people to you. Pisces, your emotional insight lets you have meaningful conversations and may open many amazing opportunities for you. Take this blessing and run with it. Have confidence in yourself, this chance came to you for good reason and you can achieve this just by being yourself.