Interview with seniors

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Interview with seniors

Shannon Twomey, Danielle Amir-Lobel, Staff Writers

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As the seniors prepare to begin a new chapter of their life, they find themselves reminiscing over their years spent at La Jolla Country Day. We wanted to try to collect some of these sentiments before their departure, so we went around and spoke with many of them. The following is some of the responses we received that we would like to share with the La Jolla Country Day School community.


What was one of your favorite memories of high school?

Kiera Oakry: My favorite memory is winning State my freshman year.

Danielle Franger: One of my favorite memories of high school… I’d actually have to say yesterday (my senior speech). Giving my senior speech was really impactful for me as a person. I definitely felt that it brought me closer to all my peers.

Christina Wang: My favorite memory was my last game day at tennis. The whole JV team made a circle and we all talked about how amazing the team is and how much we will miss it. It was by far my favorite memory of high school.

Katya Awar: My favorite memory of high school was last year when we did Footloose because I really got to bond with all the cast and it was my first lead role.

Dean Ladrido: My favorite memories of high school were from my extracurriculars like lacrosse, musical theater, choir, orchestra.

Zach Engfelt: My favorite memory is my freshman year when we went to CIF Finals for soccer.


Looking back on your high school years, what one piece of advice would you offer to any incoming freshman?

Lauren Mikuriya: Don’t stress out and don’t take things too seriously. Just calm down, take a breath, and realize that everything is going to be okay.

Kiera Oakry: Start to manage your time early.

Zach Engfelt: Don’t care too much about your grades.


Finish this sentence: I will always remember…

Danielle Franger: Mr. Doerge and how his hair bounces when he walks.

Katya Awar: I will always remember the arts programs here just because they gave me the opportunity to meet some of my best friends in high school.


If you could start high school over, what activity would you participate in this time that you didn’t before?

Jon Herman: Student plays.

Christina Wang: Women’s lacrosse because they seem like a family.


Who has taught you the most while you’ve been in high school and what did you learn from this person?

Danielle Franger: Mr. Norland taught me the most. I learned not only a lot about world cultures and government, but also just life lessons in general. One of my favorite talks we had was actually about the history of curse words. It was definitely one of my best memories of Mr. Norland.

Christina Wang: My favorite teacher is Nate Heppner because he is such a great person and is really inspiring.

Dean Ladrido: I think either Mr. Wagner or Mrs. Diener because they both really encouraged me to be myself and explore different things that I may not have tried if I wouldn’t have had them.


Describe your senior year in three words

Kiera Oakry: Relaxed, fun, easy

Jon Herman: So much fun

Lauren Mikuriya: Quick, rewarding, fun

Christina Wang: Rough, intriguing, fantastic

Dean Ladrido: Fast, exciting, memorable

Zach Engfelt: Long, easy, fun


What are your thoughts about going to college?

Jon Herman: It’s the first time in my life that I’m going to be living on my own, I get to manage myself, I get to choose how I want to present myself to a whole new group of people… it’s my first step into becoming an adult.

Zach Engfelt: It’s going to be fun.


Are you excited to start a new chapter of your life?

Lauren Mikuriya: Yes, for sure. It feels like high school has gone by really quickly, but in a sense it has also been kind of long as well. So, I am really excited to get out into the real world and study things I want to study.


What do you wish for the seniors?

Norris Chen, ‘20: You know, I wish the best of luck to them in their college endeavors. I will miss all of them.

Sarah Mirkhani, ‘19: I wish the best for the seniors in their lives in the future.

Katie Mills, ‘20: I hope that the seniors have a great first year in college.


Today, the seniors graduate. We want to wish everyone of them the best of luck as they diverge onto their separate paths. We will miss them dearly and hope they visit soon.


With love,

Shannon Twomey ‘20 and Danielle Amir-Lobel ‘20