20 Things to Do Before Graduating from Country Day

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20 Things to Do Before Graduating from Country Day

Madison Twomey, Staff Writer

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Paint the rock

It can be for a club or just for fun, but it’s something you have to do

Participate in the senior prank

This is probably the most fun day of the school year, whether it’s duct taping the freshman lockers shut or constructing a giant slip and slide, you want to be a part of it.

 Senior Ditch Day

Ditching school to hang out with friends while all the underclassmen have to suffer? Yes please.

Make an announcement at assembly

Even if you don’t have a club or a sport, you can literally go up there and say whatever you want. 

Make an entrance as a senior after the senior retreat

The senior retreat is when the whole grade bonds and realizes that they don’t hate each other as much as they thought. After this you get to enter the amphitheater as a class and spray everyone with water and/or silly string. It’s pretty fun. 

Go to Prom

Prom is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you just have to do. As an added bonus, the freshmen aren’t allowed to go and most of the sophomores can’t either unless they’re invited.

Get pooped on by a bird

Everyone knows about the birds that circle around during lunch and assembly just searching for someone to poop on. It sucks, but it happens to all of us.

Go on ninth grade outdoor-ed and hate it

Ninth grade outdoor ed just sucks. We’re supposed to bond with our grade by spending multiple days in the wilderness. Just no.

Almost get run over in the Genesee lot

Student drivers are bad and putting a bunch of them in a tiny parking lot with tiny spaces is just a recipe for disaster.

Bring bagels to advisory

In the beginning, we’re all excited about getting bagels once a week and everyone brings it when it’s their turn. Life is good.

Not bring bagels to advisory

Eventually, one person forgets to bring bagels and then another until eventually everyone stops, and you completely lose hope and don’t even wonder if anyone brought any because you know they didn’t.

Get yelled at for bringing a plastic water bottle into a classroom

We’ve all been that person that forgets their reusable water bottle and has to bring a plastic one. The first moment you set foot into a classroom you get banished until you throw that plastic bottle out.

Write a senior speech

This one isn’t really something you can control because we’re all forced to do it, but it’s up to you whether you want to take it seriously or not. Some write emotional speeches that they end up delivering at assembly, while others string a few sentences together to meet the requirements. Either way, it’s a nice opportunity to reflect on your high school experience.

Survive the cafeteria

We’re all hungry, we all want to eat, and we’re all pretty impatient. It’s no surprise when you get trampled by the masses of students (and teachers) because you’re blocking the chips.

Eat an insane amount of chips

I don’t know if this is just me, but I’ve probably eaten 50 pounds of chips this year alone.

Burn/freeze to death at assembly

Somehow the southern California climate becomes extreme weather when you’re sitting outside in the amphitheater for over an hour. I can’t even count how many times I’ve sat there slowly getting more and more sunburnt, wishing I had a hat, or freezing to death, wishing I brought a blanket.

Play assassin (and probably get out)

We all have traumatizing memories of being freshmen and having seniors grab us so they wouldn’t get out, and now it’s our turn to harass innocent freshmen. It’s a cycle.

Ring the bell

Ringing the bell is something everyone looks forward to from the beginning of their career at Country Day. It signifies the end of your time in high school, so at least one person usually cries.

Make amazing friends

High school is crazy, but having good friends makes getting through it 100 times easier.


Finally, graduation is when everyone wears their cap and gown decorated with the college they will be attending and saying a final goodbye to Country Day. It’s pretty sad, but you will always have amazing memories.