Senior Traditions at LJCDS

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Senior Traditions at LJCDS

Anna Shaul, Staff Writer

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Kicking off senior year, all 12th graders leave campus on a mini road trip up to Ramona, where they can enjoy class bonding time with amenities such as a pool, a game room, and advisory skits. Senior Retreat is the excursion that sets the seniors’ spirit for their final year at Country Day.

The seniors make their Grand Entrance into the high school to conclude the first assembly of the school year, Usually accompanied with loud music, dancing, and silly string, sophomore and juniors leave feeling excited about their own senior years, and the freshmen exit just a little bit terrified and very confused.

Senior shirts, designed differently every year, are adorned with a unique nickname hand picked by each senior for themselves. The shirts are distributed at Senior Retreat and worn with pride to the first assembly.

An old tradition, yet a must-do before you graduate, painting the rock in the pavillion can provide an opportunity to share a political or social message, be a place to encourage school spirit, or offer a place for a uniquely approved “vandalism.” Just a fair warning: more than a thousand layers of paint live on that rock, so spray paint with care.

One of the highlights of senior year is when the game Assassin begins. At its most basic level, each senior is assigned another to potentially “kill” a fellow twelfth grader by marking their target’s hand or arm with a marker. Seniors are only safe when hand-in-hand with an underclassman, hanging around the bell in the high school, or in a classroom.

Once the seniors are done with their last day of school, the senior parents prepare a special evening where teachers, administrators, parents, and twelfth graders celebrate the school careers of the members of that year’s class. Usually held at the Marriott near school, upcoming Senior dinner events will include advisory videos in addition to the funny stories and great food.  

Senior Ditch Day: Perhaps the most anticipated senior event each year, senior ditch day is a (planned) event where almost all seniors do not attend class. Yes, it is only once a year, and yes, all the teachers know about it in advance. If you have an after school activity (sports, drama, music, and so on), don’t expect to indulge in this pre-approved cut day for long. You have to be on campus before 11 am to participate in the after school event.  

Senior Prank : Coming to school on the day of senior prank expect to it be on edge. Your locker might be taped shut, and the trashcan might be on the roof, but there’s always a waterslide or a mariachi band to lighten the mood.  

Students who have been at LJCDS since (at least) kindergarten are invited to the Life Luncheon with their parents and the teachers who have worked with them through the decade and a half that they’ve been at LJCDS. World collide, as the three divisions come together to celebrate our Lifers. The best part: cupcakes with the Lifers’ faces on them!

Ringing the Bell: This is undoubtedly one of the most nostalgic moments of the year.  The ringing of the bell is an short event, as the entire school community watches the seniors ring the bell, one by one, on their last day as LJCDS students. There is much crying and laughter, and for some of the larger classes, it seems like the bell ringing won’t end. Cheer up, underclassmen: your turn will come, and in the meantime, your teachers are sure to stop class to watch this annual event.