The 1975: “The 1975” vs. “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It”

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The 1975: “The 1975” vs. “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It”

Tofi Poumele, Staff Writer

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The 1975 is a band known for their artistic style as well as their musical style. The band started out with their first, self-titled album, “The 1975”, which was a distorted guitar ridden album that gave a look into what The 1975 was about. When it was released in 2013, it fit right into the soft grunge trend that hit in the United States in 2014 and from there, the popularity grew. The band became associated with the alternative and original look that many teens in 2014 strived to be.


The band took that trend and ran with it, creating an alternative, soft grunge and soft punk look around themselves that eventually turned into their second album, “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It.” The pink hue of the reused album cover symbolized a different perspective on the same band, and the album’s music definitely reciprocated that, not to mention the artistic color hues and the photographs that they associate with each song on the album


So for a band so close to my heart, picking only 10 out of their 50 songs was a difficult choice, but here are my top ten favorite songs from The 1975.


  1. Settle Down” – The 1975

“Settle Down” is a fun sounding track depicting the troubles of the lead singer, Matty Healy, when he falls for a girl, but knows he can’t be seen with her because they’re from such different scenes, but it doesn’t matter in the end because he “doesn’t have any effect” on her.


I’m a fan of this song not only because of the fun beat, but also because of the telling of how Matty doesn’t get the girl at the end, which isn’t usual in modern pop culture. I think this really shows why a lot of teens listen to music like this because it shows a more realistic vision of life.


  1. “M.O.N.E.Y.” – The 1975

“M.O.N.E.Y” is a glimpse into Matty Healy’s drug use while he was about 17 or 18. It talks about a man who’s heavily in use of drugs and alcohol and recalls his plights during the night in a non-appealing way.


The unappealing way Healy describes the man’s (and his) drug addiction is weirdly appealing in a way. It’s not often that you’ll find music today that puts drugs off as a horrible thing to get addicted to instead of the multiple chart-topping songs that glamorize and romanticizes drugs and alcohol.


  1. UGH!” – ILIWYS…

“UGH!” is, again, about Healy’s troubles with drugs and more specifically, cocaine.


Although the song talks about Matty’s trouble with cocaine, it completely masks it up with the amazingly catchy and pop-filled beat and clever lyrics. Without looking closely at the lyrics you would just assume it was a love song, but with the dark undertones, you then realize that he’s comparing his love to his addiction with cocaine and how both may not be good for him.


  1. “The Ballad of Me and My Brain” – ILIWYS…

This certainly unusual sounding track is about Healy’s plights after symbolically losing his brain and going on a quest to find it.


I’m a fan of this song for the relation I have to his descriptions of symbolically feeling disconnected from yourself and from everything around you. It’s a very deep track, and I think it can be summed up from the first line alone.


Well, I think I’ve gone mad!/

Isn’t that so sad?”


  1. “You” – The 1975 (Deluxe Version)

In “You,” Matty talks about a toxic relationship he was in when he was about 19. He talks about how after the breakup, the girl tried almost everything to make him jealous.

This song is amazing for its repetition and its meaning under the lyrics. Healy uses repetition in the chorus, repeating the line, “It takes a bit more than you,” meaning that all of the antics and things she does doesn’t really get to him because he never loved her in the first place.


  1. “This Must Be My Dream” – ILIWYS…

“This Must Be My Dream” is a song that starts out with Healy head over heels for a girl, but then the listener comes to realize that their relationship isn’t as deep to her as it is to him.


You can always trust The 1975 to make a love song and then turn it into an anti-love song right in the middle of it. I love listening to this song because it’s not your usual love song and Healy really incases his switching feelings when in the second verse, he changes the lyrics to sound like the first verse, but twists them to be negative, a small change that blatantly changes the entire song.


  1. “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It” – ILIWYS…

This song, named after the album name is nearly an instrumental with only three lines of lyrics in the entire song.

Before you go/

(please don’t go)/

Turn the big light off.”


Although this song has three lines, the song ties together perfectly with the repeated three lines, creating a sort of different world when listening to it. The song is completely captivating, and it really reflects the album it’s named after.


  1. “Me”The 1975

“Me” is a song written by Matty Healy about his life struggling with drugs, and it’s almost a calling to his father with the line “Don’t you mind?” repeated throughout the song, but it’s also a retelling of his guilt of not being there for his family.


“Me” is an especially emotional song as Healy hits a very personal topic in it, especially when he says the lyric, “I’m sorry that I’d rather be getting high than watching my family die” or “I was thinking about killing myself, don’t you mind?”. I think that the amount of heartfelt commentary and responses to his family and father in this painful but beautiful song deserves recognition.


  1. The 1975” – The 1975 & ILIWYS…

“The 1975” starts at the beginning of each album and carries the same lyrics and the same melody with a slight change in each album version.


There’s really no way to explain how captivating these songs are. The songs sound a bit like a breath of fresh air, and it’s really the best way to start out each album, finishing with the roots that sort of say that the band is still the same band no matter how many records they put out.


  1. If I Believe You” – ILIWYS…

This track is about Healy’s doubt in faith and his thoughts on religion as an atheist.


“If I Believe You” is so exceptionally beautiful and captivating that it had to be number one on my list. The piano and saxophone together give it a beautiful gospel/church sound, and the choir that runs beneath Healy’s voice as backing voices gives the entire track a higher sound, while lyrics like “if I’m lost then how could I find myself?” has been known to hit fans’ feelings hard.