Language program here at Country Day: adding languages?

Sara Forsey, Staff Writer

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Adding more languages to the school curriculum can be beneficial to the whole student body. Right now we have three languages on campus: Spanish, French, and Mandarin. These are the main languages that English speaker would typically learn throughout their education. There needs to be a program that enriches students in a wider range of languages, so they cannot only communicate better, but they also will be able to engross themselves in different ways of life and culture.


There are many advantages in learning other foreign languages. For one, languages can help you with other subjects such as English and History, as shown through Latin as Latin can help to build a bigger vocabulary and grammar skills in English. Languages can also help to better connect students with the outside world other than the United States. We are connected to the outside world today by the means of our fellow students who have come here from different countries. This should be a reason to add more languages to the program, as it would help to integrate a wider range of students into the school. It would also help our school attract a wider range of students from other countries who are looking for an education in the United States. The last reason should be the fact that having more language programs would open students to a bigger range of jobs across the globe and allow students to converse smoothly in their travels after their school career. Overall, having more languages in the program would help students become more aware of their surroundings and become more capable language speakers.   


Of course, there are disadvantages to adding new languages to the school curriculum. There are also not that many people that can teach secondary languages other than Spanish, French, and Mandarin. The main problem that new languages are not being brought to Country Day is because many students don’t enjoy learning new languages, and would not get behind the idea of adding more. In fact, many students do not take language after the required amount of time needed to graduate. For the addition of a wider variety of languages to the school board, there will need to be attendance from multiple students who express interest in the subject. So far, there has not been many people who want to take other languages, which is a definite problem in trying to add new languages to the program.  


Lately, students are more interested in learning a new language, as there have been many school-provided trips during breaks to countries all over the world. The next big step will be trying to get students interested to learn more about different languages and cultures and to bring that back to the school. If we are able to do this, then we will be able to be more culturally open-minded, as well as able to communicate with a wide variety of different people. There are many languages that can be introduced to the school; just a few examples can be Latin, German, Japanese and Italian. There are definitely hurdles to overcome to bring more languages to La Jolla Country Day, but it will overall be beneficial to future students who seek to have more opportunities.