Book vs. Movie: It review

Noor Vakili, Staff Writer

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The movie “It” is based on the book written by Stephen King and directed by Andy Muschietti who was also the director of the movie “Mama.” The story is set in the cursed town of Derry, Maine during the 1980’s and depicts a group of kids fight against the evil entity that has terrorized the town for decades.


The trailer itself does not seem terrifying, but the whole movie is horrifying. The film is not a creepy clown jump-scare movie. What makes the movie unique is that the character development is extraordinary and the movie has a compelling plot that takes you for a ride. Disclaimer: there will be spoilers ahead.

One of the scariest movie scenes is when Georgie, the protagonist’s brother, is killed by Pennywise the dancing clown. In the trailers, the audience is shown a brief glimpse of the young boy discovering the clown in the storm drain. It is not until the movie that we can witness the whole scene. The audience not only watches the innocent exchange between Georgie and Pennywise, but bear witness as Billy’s brother’s arm is violently torn off and his limp body pulled into the storm drain.


Billy, one of the leading characters, can’t come to terms with his younger brother’s death earlier in the year and is obsessed with finding out what happened to Georgie. This need only only aggravates his parents, with the  audience being  heartbroken by Billy’s display of confusion, anguish, and regret after the loss of his Georgie. The audience witnesses Billy’s incredible character development when he persuades his friends to help him rid the city of Derry of the evil entity that is praying on children.


The movie is now available on HBO, iTunes, Blu Ray, and DVD. If you are looking for a heart-wrenching, nail-biting movie, then this movie is for you. If you want to discover what happens to the “loser club” you can also read the novel written by Stephen King which is the continuation of where the movie finished.