Getting to know the Country Day faculty: Mr. Tohidi, E-Sports- and Palette-advising English teacher


Jacob Kaplan , Editor-In-Chief

Throughout my life, I haven’t really had any meaningful connections with teachers during school. It was usually about learning and getting work done, and teachers were usually just a conduit for knowledge and getting good grades. Not to throw any shade at the public school system, but all that changed when I got accepted to La Jolla Country Day. Through my next few years of having interesting and caring teachers, I found myself in the classroom of a particular bearded English teacher that had a knack for Shakespeare and playing video games. This, of course, was Mr. Tohidi.

When I met him for the first time, I really hoped that he was going to be a good teacher, as I would be spending the next four years in his advisory. What I found was an overall cheerful person that had both a fun-loving side and a compassionate and much more complicated side. I have experienced both of these sides, witnessing first hand his adept video game prowess in the infamous smash club, while also hearing some of his advice during class or even after school. When you listen to him and his words, it is obvious that he truly believes and cares about what he is doing. People can only aspire to truly care about what they do in life, and I think that he really does love his work. He is enthusiastic about tennis and isn’t so fond of movies or television, but still can admire the classics. He leads his advisory in all aspects, not to make anyone jealous, but mostly in bringing food and organizing activities that I really never thought high school would have. I haven’t seen him sing or play the piano, two things I know he loves, but I hope that when La Jolla Palooza comes around, I’ll be there in a crowd of other people to watch his band play.

Like I said before, I’ve meet some pretty fascinating teachers, ranging from ones who helped me start my career as a writer to ones who have helped me progress in it. But in all of my time, I think that the most different and amazing teacher would be the one who helped me progress as a person. And without him, I coincidentally wouldn’t be here, writing this article about him. So thank you, Mr. Tohidi, for being here when I needed you and for the great memories we’ve had and for the memories to come.       


I know that I have not really known him long enough to make this article fully accurate, but I hope that I did a good enough job!!