Rhythm in Blue 2017: a performance to remember


Jacob Kaplan, Editor-In-Chief

With each passing year, it seems like Rhythm in Blue outdoes itself. In the past we have seen outstanding Taiko pieces, drum-line grooves that seem to rock the Four Flower Theatre, and band songs that always blow us away. And this year has been no different. As a part of the concert myself, I experienced the entire two-night, two-hour percussive show and saw the new additions such as a hilarious piece Barnyard Boogie in which performers acted like animals on a farm. Honestly, I haven’t laughed as hard as I did those nights. We had a variety of songs that ranged from a blacklight taiko and drum-line piece called Velcro (yes, you heard me correctly) to a piece that combined different items from a tool shed into a song. Among the other songs were from Frankenstein, Viva La Vida, and an assortment of Afro-Cuban songs. For all who were not there to experience the show, I have to say, you did miss out.

This year was especially emotional for the band and percussion because we were losing everyone’s favorite drummer, Remy Reya. He played in a range of songs, varying from drum-set to taiko to the marimba and the piano. In his fourth production of Rhythm in Blue, the song before the finale was a beautifully crafted solo that was written by Remy himself. In most of the songs in the each of the shows, Remy was vital to the growth of Rhythm in Blue in total along with Mr. Przymus and I’m not mistaken that we will all miss him next year.

Overall, this year’s Rhythm in Blue was as it’s always been, fantastic in its music and creative in its delivery. Yet in its four year history, we never see songs that repeat itself. Every year and performance has its own unique and different feel, and this will assuredly continue for the coming years. For all who missed it this year, make it one of your top priorities to see it next year! Rhythm in Blue has always been a stunning performance and this year was no different.